Embarkation of Cythera


This painting was created in 1717 during the Rococo movement by Jean-Antoine Watteau. The embarkation of cythera is an allegorical love story at its finest. Cythera means a beautiful greek island of love. In the picture their are three couples that have the center of the attention. The theme of this piece cannot help but bring about a happy,peaceful mood. There is no sign of anguish or broken hearts. The cupids that are hovering over the boat show how they are even excited about the lovers journey.This picture can be described as a perfect fantasy. The brushstrokes of the painting are very light and airy. They have a hazy dream like affect. The color palette are very neutral nothing really stands out besides the colors of the peoples costumes. But even those are toned down. The artist has a very good way of drawing attention to his whole composition other than just one thing.    

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