Madame Bergeret


The oil painting above is called Madame Bergeret; this painting was painted by rococo artist François Boucher in around 1766. Francois Boucher painted more than a thousand portraits and only about twenty are portraits. His rococo style is obviously shown in many of his portraits. For example his use of bright colors, such as pink, red and green, give off a soft glow and soft feeling. Furthermore at the first glance the picture seems happy, but as you look closer into the picture you can see her calm somewhat sad expression.

Madame Bergeret is painted in a garden setting, dressed in a creamy silk gown, with puffed sleeves (portraying the fashion at the time) and blue ribbons. She is painted in a way to show her youth and beauty depicted in translucent whites. The most important symbol in this picture are the roses which are decorating her sleeves, hair, and arranged on the bench and on the floor. The rose is sacred to Venus and is a symbol well suited for a portrait of Bergeret’s beloved wife.

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