La Camargo Dancing


The painting above, La Camargo Dancing, was painted by Lancert Nicolas in 1730.  Niclolas Lancert was one of Antonite Watteau’s most talented followers. Like Antonie, Lancert was often inspired by the stage. In this case he was inspired by the female dancer Marie-Anne de Cupis Camargo, a ballet star of the Paris Opera.  Camargo was known to shorten her skirts and dresses and to wear ballet slippers( as shown by the picture) to make it easier to move around.

In this painting Lancert painted La Camargo dressed in a white gown with flowers all over it; this suggest a pastoral opera. Camargo’s grace and talent is shown by the way Lancert painted her; moving gracefully with her partner and the way her body is positioned. On the far left musicians are hidden amidst the trees, while across the canvas from left to right, arranged on an exaggerated S curve, stylishly dressed spectators have assembled in intimate groups to watch a couple perform a dance.  Lancert’s rococo style is shown in the picture by the bright colors that give the painting a dreamlike quality. It is also shown by the similar facial characteristics that most of the people in the painting have.

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