Research Paper Guidelines

Choose one of the following prompts and write a minimum 5 page (double spaced) research paper with at least 4 sources (2 of which must be listed in academic journals or books).

  1. Choose one art movement that we discussed in class, taking one work of art as an example and pointing out characteristics of that art movement within the painting/excerpt/musical composition/play &c.
  2. Compare and contrast two works of art (painting or otherwise) from a time period we have discussed and any other one (including contemporary music, graffiti art, or modern short stories &c.) providing a brief introduction to the art work and a description of the art movement to which it belongs.

Sources: 4 sources, 2 of which are academic

Rough Draft Due March 1st

I expect a hard copy on my desk and a soft copy in my inbox. All late copies will automatically be deducted 5 points per day (that means if I don’t get BOTH copies on the 1st, its 5 points off).

My primary concern in your rough drafts is that you’re meeting all of the requirements of the prompt and has a solid thesis that reasons your argument. I will point out all of your grammar/usage/structural and stylistic mistakes for you and expect them to be fixed in your final drafts to me.

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